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Ceo of our company

Noele, CEO of Black Essence Skin Care

About Us

Black Essence is a company created up by a couple of friends who have a passion for cosmetics and natural beauty. We have been working together for a long time in order to bring quality skin care products to the market that deliver a number of key benefits. First of all, Black Essence products are designed to give measurable results in terms of making people look better about themselves. After all, when we look good on the outside, we also feel better on the inside.

Secondly, we wanted to make sure that our products do not cause any damage to nature. Not just that, we actually want to improve the world around us by using only organic and natural ingredients that do not cause any damage to nature.

Our Product

We have long been creating the black mask for our personal use. After doing this for a number of years and noticing the many benefits that the black mask can offer, we decided to release our wonderful black mask to the general market.

Black Essences flagship product is the Black Mask. This product works on the rejuvenating and cleansing properties of bamboo charcoal and black clay, thereby helping users to extract blackheads, prevent acnes, reduce their wrinkles and fine lines.

At the same time, it moisturizes the skin very deeply. It improves the tone and elasticity of the skin by helping with cell regeneration. All the ingredients in the product are 100% completely natural, which is one of the main focus points of Black Essence.

The black clay used in the mask is raw clay and other natural ingredients include organic grapefruit oil, bamboo charcoal, rosemary leaf extract and provitamins. The product is made in such a way that the skin can absorb its beneficial nutrients very quickly while the charcoal soaks up the black heads and pimples so they peel off nicely. It can be used on any part of the face.

One of the thing that makes this product so special is that also protects the face from all the harsh chemicals in our environment, thereby stopping the skin from receiving even further damage. The skin becomes softer, smoother and firmer. Hydration and elasticity are improved, thereby reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Our Mission

Black Essence really wants to make a difference to the world. We want to help people on an individual level feel and look better both inside and out. At the same time, we want to contribute to the planet by being all natural and ensuring that our products do not cause any damage to nature.